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DSU Winter Baseball Clinics

The Dickinson State University baseball team is hosting winter baseball clinics. Click the link below for more information.

Thank you for a great season

Thank you to our players, parents, coaches and sponsors for a great season of Mustang Baseball! We'll see you in the spring!

Congratulations to all of our league champions for 2021!

What are DIBs?

In order to run a successful program, we require the help of volunteers to run our concession stand and help with other projects and tasks as needed.  As such, we require each family to complete 2 credits worth of DIBs during the Mustang Baseball season.  If a family does not complete the 2 credits worth of DIBs during the season, they forfeit the $300 work deposit check that is collected during registration.  The check is held during the season and returned at the end to those who complete their DIBs.  Please use the DIBs tab on the top right side of the website to sign up for 2 credits.  Not all DIBs are worth the same amount so please make sure to look at how much credit you get for each shift.

There is also an additional work requirement of 2 DIBs shifts for All-Star players.  All-Star DIBs may include concessions  or tournament work such as scoreboard, scorebooks, t-shirt sales or other tasks created by the Board.  There is NO OPTION to buy DIBs out for All-Stars.

Babe Ruth League Bat Rules

Cal Ripken Baseball

USA Baseball Marking
2 5/8" Barrel Maximum

The updated USA Baseball bat guidelines can be found here.

Click here for the list of USA Bat Standard approved bats.


- Doug Frenzel
Founding Member, Dickinson Mustang Baseball