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    2020 Coca Cola League Tournament T-Shirts

    We will have pre orders available for T-shirts for our end of season league tournament. 

    Please click this link to place your order:

    Orders must be placed by the end of the day on July 8!

    T-shirts will be delivered to your teams at your first game of the tournament.

    Coca Cola League Tournament

    The Coca Cola League tournament will be held Friday, July 17 thru Sunday, July 19.  Schedule will be released at a later date.

    Mustang Baseball Apparel

    We are excited to announce we have an updated store link for Mustang Baseball Apparel through Logo Magic!  Check out the link below to order.

    Late Registration

    Guaranteed registration has now closed. Please contact a board member to get the registration link if you still need to register.

    What are DIBS?

    In order to run a successful Mustang Program, we require the help of volunteers to help run our concession stand as well as other projects.  In order to do this we require each family to complete 2 credits worth of DIBs during the Mustang Baseball Season.  If a family does not complete the 2 credits worth of DIBs during the season, they forfeit the $300 Work Deposit Check that is required during registration.  The check is held during the season and returned at the end to those who complete their DIBs.  Please use the Dibs tab on the top right side of the website to sign up for Dibs.  Not all Dibs are worth the same amount so please make sure to look at how much credit you get for each one.

    Dunham's Sports Discounts for the Mustang Baseball Program

    Below are 2 links to discounts at Dunham's Sports. The first link is a 10 percent off card that is valid until February of 2021.  The 2nd link specifies 3 weekends in March and 1 in April that Mustang Baseball members get 20 percent off regular priced items.  You either print the documents and bring them to the store or show them on your smartphone when checking out.

    2018 Bat Standards

    Dickinson Mustang Baseball

    PO Box 448

    Dickinson, ND 58601